A toast to 5 years of excellence and trust

A toast to 5 years of excellence and trust

Manila Standard Manila Standard December 9, 2018

PRIME Philippines, a home-grown consultancy firm, recently celebrated its fifth year in the business via a glitzy event spearheaded by its millennial CEO Jet Yu.

In one rare occasion, top businessmen, executives, real estate developers, architects, and other high-profile clients gathered for one night to celebrate this momentous event that celebrated a milestone by reaching its fifth-year mark. 


According to Yu, the five-year-old company is proud to be the country’s flag carrier in the field of commercial real estate. With P30 Billion worth of portfolio and various notable big-ticket projects, the firm is proud to be the nation’s leader in its industry. The company is committed to its mandate of providing excellent services to its clients and to contribute to the progress of the Philippines through its industry.   


With only half a decade from its start of operations in 2013, PRIME Philippines is committed to providing twice the impact and the service excellence.   


During the event, Yu also announced that PRIME Philippines is going international through its Shanghai, China office.



“With this expansion, PRIME Philippines looks forward to developing this hub as the common ground to build relationships and strengthen the trust among Chinese and Filipino companies within the next coming years. Cultural differences and finding the right Chinese companies to work with are among the most challenging for most Philippine companies and PRIME Philippines shall commit to bridge the two economies,” he said.


Yu also revealed that he plans to bring his company public by the year 2021.  The company’s growth for the past five years has been exponential. PRIME Philippines with offices now in Manila, Davao and its first international office in Shanghai has more than 50 percent year on year growth. The company has completed more than 100 real estate research projects and employs more than 100 full-time employees. 


Apart from the Philippines, the millennial CEO and investor has also strategically invested in several start-up companies in Singapore, and Hong Kong, and is continuously still in the hunt for property technology-related companies or PropTech.