Final Pitch investor-judge Jet Yu cherishes TV gig

Final Pitch investor-judge Jet Yu cherishes TV gig

Philippine Star Gil Villa September 24, 2018

MANILA, Philippines — Being on the set for long hours taping reality TV episodes where he is on spotlight may have been a tiring experience. But sitting as investor-judge for the Final Pitch Season 2 was a stretch worth-noting for young corporate honcho Jet Yu.

While he personally learned a lot sharing ideas with fellow judges on-cam and dealing with business proposals from startups, the power of TV showing principles that make him an inspirational millennial makes the gig truly significant. 

“Diversity enabled us to learn from each other, from our lines of questioning to the sharing of ideas borne out of separate experiences as businessmen from various fields and particular eras,” shared Jet who at 28 is the youngest among the Final Pitch judges.


The father of two has proven to be a good communicator in front of the camera and in many ways, an asset to the show that began airing last June. 

The Final Pitch Season 2 aired its finale last Sept. 16 on CNN Philippines. Jet is the founder-CEO of real estate consultancy firm Prime Philippines, a company that deals with office and retail space leasing, research and advisory services, property management and the like. His expertise resulted to his visit (upon the invitation of the National Defense) to Marawi to do a real estate investment study for the war-torn city.


“I met Final Pitch executive producer John Aguilar when I was giving a talk on property market trends in the Philippines. He said they were looking for a millennial who made the grade,” recalled Jet whose vision is to change the real estate landscape through the needs and wants of the millennials. 

Taking pride as a city-enabler, Jet is eyeing to help transform Quezon City, the so-called City of Stars, into a central business district through the promotion of of co-working spaces. Last summer, he launched GreatWork Spaces along Quezon Avenue. Before the year ends, an outlet near the area will be inaugurated in partnership with a celebrity. 

Jet expressed, “I always say to those wanting to go into business, whether you are a celebrity, a fresh grad, or the one with a big idea, be practical about it. If you are a breadwinner, you work first. When you become a board of director of a company, then that’s the time you will have the time and money to venture into business of your own. Focus on the good opportunity that you have now.”